Pick only those services which are suitable for where you are in the project.  We want to optimize your time spent with the consultant and focus on deliverables.  This package is useful when you need an extra boost for your project.

This is a service which allows the consultant deliver based on customers needs.

It is ideal for situations when the project started before the time we join or when the requirements are not written by Product Owner.

Note: The price here include 20 working days, the minimum amount of days to be contracted via this option

We do for you  User Acceptance Testing either on site or virtually

For on site assistance please notify us at least 5 working days in advance.  In order to assist your end users to execute test cases, those have to be already written and approved as per internal SOPs.


  This product is available only for Belgian customers

Remote we are faster. Lets optimize our time.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions:NLP ( topic classification, sentiment analysis, chatbot)Image recognitionPrediction modelsData Visualization ( Tableau)