UAT Assistance – virtual


Note: The price is per working day of 8 hours.



We assist your end users during UAT –  User Acceptance Testing phase virtually – on Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc

In order to assist your end users to execute test cases, those have to be already written and approved as per internal SOPs.

The test execution includes the collection of positive and negative evidences at every step (if that is required by SQA/QSCV team).

The evidences are collected by end users participating in the UAT session and NOT by our team members.

If the test cases are not written, we do prepare for you the user acceptance test cases as well or we can extract only the acceptance criteria from the approved user stories.  However you must check out our service from here.

On request we can launch marketing campaigns for generating extra audiences to test your software product.

Preconditions for starting UAT:

  1. Business Requirements must be available
  2. Application Code should be fully developed
  3. Unit Testing, Integration Testing & System Testing should be completed
  4. No Show stoppers, or High or Medium defects in the System Integration Test Phase
  5. Only Cosmetic errors are acceptable before UAT
  6. Regression Testing should be completed with no major defects
  7. All the reported defects should be fixed and tested
  8. Traceability matrix for all testing should be completed
  9. UAT Environment must be ready
  10. Sign off mail or communication from System Testing Team that the system is ready for UAT execution
  11. UAT Test cases or the test executions must be created per roles and/or country and/or language of the end users.

Note: The price is per working day of 8 hours.  Please select the quantity of days for which we will assist your end users online. We will record all the sessions and share them with participants.

We assist virtually end users during  UAT phase for 12 years.  And we would be glad to help with your validation process.