Work with us


We help consultants to build their brand world wide.  Our believe is that ICT talent flourish when the environment is adapted to their needs.  Therefore we are flexible, creative and we don’t standardize our consultants needs.

We have constant client demand which makes us be proactive in looking for a number of candidates with solid Public or Private consulting experience to help us deliver some exciting new consulting assignments.

Ideal candidates may have the following profile:

  • confident, personable, flexible and self-motivated
  • has good references of being dedicated to deliver exceptional client service
  • is interested in helping us deliver and shape our sales and business development activity, for which we will reward you
  • has expertise in one or more of those positions:
    • programme or project manager
    • change manager
    • PMO specialist
    • business analyst
    • Test Manager
    • BPM specialist
    • CRM specialist
    • technical architect 
    • software developer
    • tester
    • UI designer

If any of the above positions appeals you please send us your CV at office@midastech.be

Our process is:

Get in touch

We propose you an opportunity or you notify us that your are interested and available for one of our missions  

Meet the client

We take the necessary steps in order to ease the communications and any possible impediment before the first meeting take place. 

Sign the agreements

We take care of any legal aspects so the mission could proceed smoothly.


When necessary, we assist our consultants with the relocation process from the beginning till the final integration into the newly environment.  


During the entire period of our agreements we’ll couch you at all levels where you’re possible lacking expertise.  Starting with local market habits, ways of relating within an international environment  and best practices in communicating in multicultural work places, ending with best restaurants and places to visit around.